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FRIDAY: Class A and B wrestling state championships

Get live results from the Class A and B wrestling state championships. Note: We will not be approving reader comments for this event.

  • Class B Wrestling: 1st WB 160-M. Semmler, PKST, dec. B. Potter, FAU, 5-3; Se. Ireland, BC, dec. Blumhardt, GRO, 7-2.
  • High School Basketball: St. Thomas More, White River set to collide
  • Centrals weber falls benne advances
  • Class B Wrestling: Sorry for the delay in posting results - technical issues with the I-phone
  • Class A State Wrestling
    Friday Results
    Wachs Arena in Aberdeen

    |106 Pounds|
    Rance Sivertson, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood def. Kahlen Morris, SF Roosevelt, 6-2; Brody Jorenson, Sturgis pinned Wyatt Shillingstad, Huron, 2:32; Jebben Keyes, Pierre def. Kyle Pfiefle, RC Central, 4-2; David Potratz, SF Washington pinned Levi Butts, Watertown, 1:08.
    |113 Pounds|
    Alan Heidinger, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian pinned Dylon Bollock, Mitchell, 2:31; Brady Burghardt, Watertown def. Grant Rosheim, SF Washington, 4-2; Troy Kiggins, SF Roosevelt def. Adam Presler, Brandon Valley, 3-1; Jordan Moser, RC Stevens def. Chet Glanzer, Huron, 4-0.
    |120 Pounds|
    Alex Herrick, Mitchell pinned Skyler Castilleja, SF Lincoln, 3:35; Tanner Bothwell, Sturgis M-Dec Cole Tirrel, West Central, 13-5; Nate Schaefer, Brookings def. Keaton Ohlsen, RC Stevens, 6-4 OT; Reece Norton, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood def. Jordan Johnston, Aberdeen Central, 6-3.
    |126 Pounds|
    Lakin Neugebauer, Mitchell M-Dec Ryan O’Connor, SF Lincoln, 10-0; Josh Puppe, Brookings def. Russel Felicia, Chamberlain, 10-7; Morgan Engbrecht, Sturgis pinned Jackson Metz, Sisseton, 0:45; Tanner Monfore, Pierre pinned Josh Mettler, West Central, 1:22.
    |132 Pounds|
    Caleb Stoltenburg, Pierre M-Dec Jordan Lindberg, Dell Rapids, 10-1; Brett Bye, Vermillion def. Evan Weiler, RC Central, 8-3; Matt Lawrence, Watertown def. John Frisco, Aberdeen Central, 7-5; Dylan Larson, SF Washington def. Garrett Peterson, RC Stevens, 6-4 OT.
    |138 Pounds|
    Griffin Hieb, Aberdeen Central def. Nick Hanson, Brookings, 4-0; Nick Montieth, Sturgis def. Dillon George, Sisseton, 5-0; Cain Glanzer, Huron pinned Ben Fichter, SF O’Gorman, 3:07; Blake Stone, RC Central def. Landon Stroud, SF Lincoln, 3-2.
    |145 Pounds|
    Tyler Gee, Dell Rapids pinned Logan Smith, Yankton, 2:56; Mackenzie Harvey, Huron def. Jake Devine, Harrisburg, 10-8; Jarrick Jensen, RC Stevens def. Mitchell Johnson, Aberdeen Central, 8-3; Mason Bender, Brandon Valley def. Devon Crandall, Brookings, 4-0.
    |152 Pounds|
    Dawson Monfore, Pierre M-Dec Shane O’Connell, RC Central, 13-5; Reagan Francom, Huron def. Matt Goth, Madison, 4-0; Mitchell Schenk, Harrisburg M-Dec Phillip Schwebach, Dell Rapids, 9-1; Nick Kummer, Mitchell def. Spencer Folk, Milbank, 7-3.
    |160 Pounds|
    Hartman Katz, Huron def. James Hisek, Yankton, 10-3 ;Francis Boehmer, SF Roosevelt def. Seth Scott, Pierre, 8-2; Clay Kopplin, Sturgis pinned Seth Haper, SF Lincoln, 4:56; Jason Greenway, Mitchell def. Michael Buchman, SF Washington, 7-3.
    |170 Pounds|
    Blake Williams, Sturgis M-Dec Kevin Norton, Aberdeen Central, 10-0; Jackson Entringer, Dell Rapids def. Kyle Sarringar, Pierre, 6-5; Aero Amo, RC Central pinned Austin Meyers, Huron, 2:31; Brent Havlik, Mitchell M-Dec Brycen Nelson, Brookings, 11-3.
    |182 Pounds}
    Chase Lettau, Pierre def. Micah Roubideaux, RC Central, 3-1; Casey Goodhart, Sisseton def. Austin Lynde, Lennox, 6-5; Thomas Hudson, Harrisburg def. Jacob Konold, Watertown, 9-4 ;Tate Thybo, Belle Fourche def. Tyler Kleinsasser, Huron, 11-7.
    |195 Pounds|
    Nate Rotert, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood M-Dec Connor Schoepp, Watertown, 16-6; PT Thomas, Belle Fourche def. Dustin French, Huron, 7-4; Trey Maier, Pierre def. Joe Sigler, RC Central, 2-1; Jarran Jensen, RC Stevens def. Jordan Hins, Milbank, 5-1.
    |220 Pounds|
    Josh Hunt, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian pinned Zach Weier, Brookings, 4:50; Matt Halter, Huron M-Dec Taylor Lambert, Dakota Valley, 15-6; Devon O’Farrell, SF Washington def. Lane Lettau, Pierre, 10-9; Julian Dunn, RC Central def. Aaron Toelle, Sisseton, 2-1 2OT.
    Dylan Bennett, Pierre pinned Dylan Van Steenberg, Harrisburg, 3:19; Cody Benne, RC Stevens pinned Matt Stephan, Milbank, 4:14; Tyler Robel, Watertown pinned Josh Valandra, Chamberlain, 3:16; Tanner Lambert, Dakota Valley def. Jake Weber, RC Central, 9-4.
    |106 Pounds|
    Robiel Tesfaldet, SF Lincoln M-Dec Hudson Pearman, Todd County, 18-4; Spencer Huber, Yankton pinned Justin Nixon, Brookings, 2:49; Matthew Mazourek, Lennox def. Jimmy Lusk, Milbank, 8-5; Logan Wood, RC Stevens pinned Seth Moore, Aberdeen Central, 2:12.
    |113 Pounds|
    Brandon Steenholdt, Vermillion M-Dec Kaiden Dorris, Madison, 14-4; Jesse Skidmore, Sturgis pinned Corey Barbato, Aberdeen Central, 1:36; Gene Trimble, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood M-Dec Nick Wiebe, Pierre, 14-0; Zach Gross, Harrisburg pinned Marlon Silva, Brookings, 1:40.
    |120 Pounds|
    Kyle Yasgar, SF Roosevelt def. Hayden Hansen, RC Central, 7-4; Trayce Ruotsalianen, Tea Area M-Dec Luke Snyder, Pierre, 12-4; Carter Kratz, Vermillion M-Dec Jesse Mikrut, Huron, 17-4; Josh Miller, Brandon Valley def. James Suter, Watertown, 4-2.
    |126 Pounds|
    Brenden Entringer, Dell Rapids def. Ty Welsch, RC Central, 5-2; Kasey Klapprodt, RC Stevens M-Dec Mason Strahl, Yankton, 11-3; Grant Dougherty, Brandon Valley def. Trevor Larson, Aberdeen Central, 2-0; Blake Perryman, Dakota Valley pinned Colten Njos, Belle Fourche, 3:32.
    |132 Pounds|
    Casey Skillingstad, Yankton def. Tyler Abbott, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian, 6-3; Garrett Keegan, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte/Dupree def. Conor Tomac, SF O’Gorman, 5-3; Tyler Nordlund, SF Lincoln pinned Alex Schroeberl, Sturgis, 4:59; Peter Hansen, Brookings def. Michael Johnson, Huron, 4-2.
    |138 Pounds|
    Tyler Ashley, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian def. Jake Barkema, SF Washington, 11-4; Regan Bye, Vermillion def. Aaron O’Day, Pierre, 7-1; Noah Diamond, RC Stevens def. Braden Heidbrink, Brandon Valley, 3-1 OT; Landon Neugebauer, Mitchell M-Dec Josh Tulowetzke, Watertown, 14-5.
    |145 Pounds|
    Kyle Carlson, RC Central def. Sage Marshall, Todd County, 4-3 3OT; Sterling Gehrke, Watertown def. Cole Hemmah, Sturgis, 4-0; Peter Bardeson, SF Lincoln def. Daniel Kirk, Sisseton, 7-2; Tanner Henkel, Mitchell Forfeit over Chris Dschaak, Belle Fourche.
    |152 Pounds|
    Weston Resmen, Brookings M-Dec Wyatt Winter, Brandon Valley, 13-1; Kaiden White Bear, Sturgis def. Luke Reiter, SF Washington, 8-1; Alex Ruelas, Aberdeen Central M-Dec Larry Montoya, Pine Ridge, 15-5; Bailey Konvalin, RC Stevens def. Levi Davis, Yankton, 7-2.
    |160 Pounds|
    Zach Schneider, RC Central M-Dec Joe VanDover, Milbank, 12-4; Casey Johnston, RC Stevens pinned Tracy Halouska, Lennox, 4:03; Zach Melcher, Aberdeen Central def. Brandon Pennock, West Central, 5-2; Adam Palmer, Brookings def. Derek Diefenderfer, Belle Fourche, 7-5.
    |170 Pounds|
    CJ Warren, Yankton def. Spencer Hastings, West Central, 6-2; Ramsay Norton, Belle Fourche pinned Chris Taylor, SF Lincoln, 0:42; Alex Garcia, SF Roosevelt M-Dec Alex Osborne, Vermillion, 12-3; Jordan Hunt, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian technical fall Austin Eigenberg, Brandon Valley, 3:00.
    |182 Pounds|
    Chad Munk, Dell Rapids M-Dec Dan Marlette, SF Washington, 10-1; Payson Dirk, Sturgis def. Brenden Miller, Aberdeen Central, 3-1 OT; Luke McFarland, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood pinned Logan Parr, Mitchell, 1:49; Tyler Curry, Madison pinned Avery Garcia, Vermillion, 2:48.
    |195 Pounds|
    Aaron Henley, Aberdeen Central def. Collin Wible, Brandon Valley, 2-0; Leon Maxwell, Dell Rapids pinned Collin Lathrop, SF Washington, 2:31; Matt Schirado, Harrisburg pinned Aaron Peterson, Sisseton, 5:44; Thomas Kruse, Yankton pinned Seth Novak, Todd County, 1:17.
    |220 Pounds|
    TJ Heinert, Todd County pinned Clayton Ebright, Brandon Valley, 3:50; Kacie Herrig, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood def. Jack Schuver, SF O’Gorman, 9-4; John Wilcox, Sturgis pinned Blake Gusso, Madison, 2:40; Sam Schaunaman, Aberdeen Central pinned Brandon Sylasa, SF Lincoln, 0:51.
    Justin Behrend, Brookings pinned Alex Duprel, Sturgis, 2:24; Raleigh Jungmann, Huron def. Chris Vroman, SF Washington, 4-3; Will Mart, Vermillion pinned Ty Dixon, Pine Ridge, 4:01; Ayson Jones, Madison pinned Robert McCradle, Mitchell, 4:59.
  • Thanks to Aberdeen American-News for Class A results ... hoping to have updated B agate shortly.
  • Class B Wrestling: Sorry for further delay, still tech problems
  • Class B Wrestling: Qtrfinal 170-Blindert, MCM, dec. Lensing, WAG, 12-6; D. Petersen, FLA, maj. dec. C. Knutson, PHIL, 14-6;
  • Class B Wrestling: Qtrfinal 170- Jacobs, CAN, dec. Eiesland, CUS, 5-3; Novotny, WIN, dec. Jungwirth, HOW, 4-0.
  • Class B Wrestling: 1st WB 170-McKee, KC, dec. Whirlwind Horse, BC, 5-4; McClurg, WEB, dec. Blasdell, M/H, 9-3
  • Folks, having some significant connection issues over at the Civic Center, so we're having to abandon the Twitter updates for the evening. ... We'll get formatted agate up on the chat as soon as we can.
  • Final agate of the day from Aberdeen:

    State A Wrestling Tournament
    Friday's Results
    Wachs Arena in Aberdeen

    Team Points: Pierre 84, Huron 72, Sturgis 68.5, Rapid City Central 65, Mitchell 56, Rapid City Stevens 56, Brookings 53, Watertown 44.5, Harrisburg 41.5, Sioux Falls Washington 39.5, Dell Rapids 36, Aberdeen Central 33, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood 30, Sioux Falls Roosevelt 27, Sisseton 24.5, Douglas/New Underwood/Rapid City Christian 23.5, Sioux Falls Lincoln 23, Yankton 20.5, Dakota Valley 20, Vermillion 19, Belle Fourche 19, Milbank 16, Brandon Valley 15.5, Madison 14, Chamberlain 12, West Central 11, Lennox 9, Sioux Falls O’Gorman 6, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte/Dupree 3, Todd County 3, Tea 2, Little Wound 0, Pine Ridge 0.

    |106 Pounds|
    Levi Butts, Watertown def. Robiel Tesfaldet, SF Lincoln, 8-1; Kyle Pfiefle, RC Central pinned Spencer Huber, Yankton, 1:59; Wyatt Shillingstad, Huron pinned Matthew Mazourek, Lennox, 2:51; Kahlen Morris, SF Roosevelt M-Dec Logan Wood, RC Stevens, 10-2.
    |113 Pounds|
    Chet Glanzer, Huron pinned Brandon Steenholdt, Vermillion, 0:56; Jesse Skidmore, Sturgis def. Adam Presler, Brandon Valley, 4-3; Grant Rosheim, SF Washington pinned Gene Trimble, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood, 4:35; Zach Gross, Harrisburg def. Dylon Bollock, Mitchell, 9-6.
    |120 Pounds|
    Jordan Johnston, Aberdeen Central def. Kyle Yasgar, SF Roosevelt, 9-6; Keaton Ohlsen, RC Stevens M-Dec Trayce Ruotsalianen, Tea Area, 10-2; Cole Tirrel, West Central def. Carter Kratz, Vermillion, 7-0; Josh Miller, Brandon Valley M-Dec Skyler Castilleja, SF Lincoln, 11-2.
    |126 Pounds|
    Josh Mettler, West Central def. Brenden Entringer, Dell Rapids, 4-0; Jackson Metz, Sisseton def. Kasey Klapprodt, RC Stevens, 2-1; Russel Felicia, Chamberlain def. Grant Dougherty, Brandon Valley, 5-2; Ryan O'Connor, SF Lincoln pinned Blake Perryman, Dakota Valley, 2:47.
    |132 Pounds|
    Casey Skillingstad, Yankton def. Garrett Peterson, RC Stevens, 3-1; Garrett Keegan, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte/Dupree def. John Frisco, Aberdeen Central, 5-3; Evan Weiler, RC Central pinned Tyler Nordlund, SF Lincoln, 2:02; Jordan Lindberg, Dell Rapids def. Peter Hansen, Brookings, 10-6.
    |138 Pounds|
    Landon Stroud, SF Lincoln def. Tyler Ashley, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian, 5-0; Ben Fichter, SF O’Gorman def. Regan Bye, Vermillion, 6-4; Dillon George, Sisseton pinned Noah Diamond, RC Stevens, 0:55; Landon Neugebauer, Mitchell pinned Nick Hanson, Brookings, 2:26. |145 Pounds|
    Devon Crandall, Brookings def. Kyle Carlson, RC Central, 6-1; Mitchell Johnson, Aberdeen Central def. Sterling Gehrke, Watertown, 15-9; Jake Devine, Harrisburg technical fall Peter Bardeson, SF Lincoln, 5:00; Logan Smith, Yankton technical fall Tanner Henkel, Mitchell, 4:13.
    |152 Pounds|
    Spencer Folk, Milbank def. Weston Resmen, Brookings, 9-4; Kaiden White Bear, Sturgis def. Phillip Schwebach, Dell Rapids, 3-0; Matt Goth, Madison pinned Alex Ruelas, Aberdeen Central, 2:46; Shane O’Connell, RC Central def. Bailey Konvalin, RC Stevens, 9-7.
    |160 Pounds|
    Michael Buchman, SF Washington def. Zach Schneider, RC Central, 6-3; Seth Haper, SF Lincoln def. Casey Johnston, RC Stevens, 8-2; Seth Scott, Pierre def. Zach Melcher, Aberdeen Central, 6-2; Adam Palmer, Brookings pinned James Hisek, Yankton, 4:13.
    |170 Pounds|
    Brycen Nelson, Brookings def. CJ Warren, Yankton, 5-0; Austin Meyers, Huron def. Ramsay Norton, Belle Fourche, 7-6; Kyle Sarringar, Pierre M-Dec Alex Garcia, SF Roosevelt, 11-3; Kevin Norton, Aberdeen Central pinned Jordan Hunt, Douglas/New Underwood/RC Christian, 4:21.
    |182 Pounds|
    Chad Munk, Dell Rapids def. Tyler Kleinsasser, Huron, 5-4; Jacob Konold, Watertown technical fall Payson Dirk, Sturgis Brown, 5:00; Austin Lynde, Lennox pinned Luke McFarland, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood, 1:21; Micah Roubideaux, RC Central def. Tyler Curry, Madison, 8-1.
    |195 Pounds|
    Jordan Hins, Milbank pinned Aaron Henley, Aberdeen Central, 2:40; Joe Sigler, RC Central def. Leon Maxwell, Dell Rapids, 6-2; Matt Schirado, Harrisburg def. Dustin French, Huron, 7-2 OT; Connor Schoepp, Watertown def. Thomas Kruse, Yankton, 3-0.
    |220 Pounds|
    Aaron Toelle, Sisseton def. TJ Heinert, Todd County, 5-1; Lane Lettau, Pierre pinned Kacie Herrig, Spearfish/Lead-Deadwood, 2:55; Taylor Lambert, Dakota Valley pinned John Wilcox, Sturgis, 2:18; Zach Weier, Brookings pinned Sam Schaunaman, Aberdeen Central, 1:49.
    Jake Weber, RC Central pinned Justin Behrend, Brookings, 2:23; Josh Valandra, Chamberlain def. Raleigh Jungmann, Huron, 3-1 OT; Will Mart, Vermillion def. Matt Stephan, Milbank, 8-2; Dylan Van Steenberg, Harrisburg pinned Ayson Jones, Madison, 4:12.
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  • Hear*. Ugh, rough day all around.
  • Class A State Wrestling: Thybo's return fruitful for Belle Fourche
  • Class A State Wrestling: Spartans' program continues stepping forward
  • Updated Class B agate ... 2nd round wrestlebacks still in progress.
    Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City
    February 24, 2012


    106--Haneke, BER, pin Evangelisto, WAR, 1:45; Savitsky, EPJ, dec. Hawkins, GRO, 9-3; Loudenberg, HOW, maj. dec. Donnelly, PHIL 12-3; Bietz, PKST, maj. dec. L. Richie, WEB, 14-1.

    113--N. Richie, WEB, pin Hueser, EPJ, 1:48; Braun, B/G, dec. Thom, TV, 9-5; Neises, HOW, dec. Jones, BHLA, 7-2; O. Aesoph, FAU, dec. Howe, GAR, 9-5.

    120--Schoellerman, BER, pin Swanson, HLC, 5:46; Bice, WIN, maj. dec. Krause, DEU, 14-0; R. Schuman, TV, dec. Cole, CUS, 7-1; Konechne, KWLPG, maj. dec. Grout, WEB, 9-0.

    126--T. Dion, WAG, pin Heninger, SC, 5:26; Jo. Manning, BER, maj. dec. Lone, GRO, 10-1; Gillette, RED, dec. Reed, FLA, 6-3; L. Stoebner, BH, dec. Sa. Ireland, BC, 4-0.

    132--S. Rausch, WEB, maj. dec. Waring, M/H, 11-3; Christiansen, FLA, dec. Blasius, PHIL, 7-0; Bialas, PKST, pin Le. Merrick, A/H, 2:52; Oyen, TV, pin Moody, MVPC, 5:29.

    138--Donahue, HOW, pin McTaggart, NEW, 4:30; La. Merrick, A/H, pin Vermeulen, MVPC, 5:08; Davies, CAN, dec. Soukup, WAG, 2-0; Harrowa, SC, dec. Lacey, FLA, 8-3.

    145--Sudbeck, PHIL, dec. Hall, FAU, 8-5; Heisinger, PKST, dec. McCann, NEW, 7-6; D. Kocer, WAG, tech. fall Severyn, CUS, 17-1; Dolen, CAN, maj. dec. George, RED, 9-1.

    152--A. Kocer, WAG, pin Kullnat, HOW, 1:55; Mitzel, AR, dec. J. Petersen, CAN, 4-3; Z. Schuman, TV, pin Redlin, DEU, 1:43; T. Schuelke, NEW, dec. Schlotte, WEB, 9-2.

    160--Heiberger, TV, dec. Vanecek, BH, 6-3; Meyer, WIN, dec. Sichmeller, WEB, 9-4 OT; Bra. Harkless, HS, pin Casperson, BER, 1:39; Dickerson, WAG, pin K. Scofield, FLA, 2:24.

    170--Blindert, MCM, dec. Lensing, WAG, 12-6; D. Petersen, FLA, maj. dec. C. Knutson, PHIL, 14-6; Jacobs, CAN, dec. Eiesland, CUS, 5-3; Novotny, WIN, dec. Jungwirth, HOW, 4-0.

    182--Thorson, GRO, dec. McCollam, BC, 4-0; Fuerst, SCO, dec. Broughton, CAN, 9-6; LaCompte, SC, dec. Reiff, PKST, 8-6; E. Martin, KC, pin Mutchelknaus, M/F, 1:01.

    195--Bonte, GAR, pin Sjurson, WEB, 4:20; Baier, HC, pin Monson, CWL, 2:17; Hoisington, BHLA, dec. Gruis, TV, 3-1; Sayler, M/F, pin Geiman, SCO, 1:25.

    220--D. Knutson, WEB, dec. Tuttle, WIN, 5-4; Jensen, MOB, tech. fall T. Johnson, TV, 17-2; Tonak, CWL, dec. Bertram, PKST, 7-2; Ovre, CAN, pin Oliver, LEM, 0:29.

    285--Locke, GRO, pin Smith, LYM, 0:24; Stibral, SCO, dec. Friese, RED, 4-1; R. Aesoph, FAU, dec. Driscoll, WIN, 3-1; Gress, HC, dec. C. Schuelke, CWL, 3-1.


    106--D. Stoebner, BH, maj. dec. Bri. Harkless, HS, 10-2; Aeschbacher, WIN, pin Wolf, LEM, 2:53; Ja. Manning, M/H, dec. Karber, CWL, 2-0 OT; Eldeen, TV, tech. fall G. Rausch, GETT, 16-1.

    113--N. Dion, WAG pin Chase, SC, 4:56; Simunek, HS, pin A. Anderson, DEU, 2:51; Schooler, HLC, pin Ripp, PKST, 1:45; Caba, BH, dec. J. Brown, PHIL, 9-3.

    120--Dvorak, PKST, pin N. Weisbrod, CWL, 1:32; Carley, PHIL, pin Willems, GAR, 3:11; Weidenbach, M/H, pin L. Peterson, IPS, 0:35; Sutton, FLA, dec. Schatz, GETT, 6-0.

    126--T. Brown, DEU, pin Verhey, PAR, 3:46; Fanning, PKST, pin Weyand, GETT, 0:25; DeSersa, HS, dec. Schonebaum, B/G, 8-2; Pierret, GAR, pin Kallas, IPS, 0:47.

    132--Scott, SC, pin Weiss, EPJ, 2:46; B. Anderson, GRO, dec. Kreeger, WAG, 7-2; J. Weisbrod, CWL, dec. Ward, MOB, 7-1; Everson, GETT, dec. Edgar, FAU, 10-6.

    138--Bely, KWLPG, dec. Albrecht, GRO, 7-4; R. Johnson, PHIL, dec. R. Potter, FAU, 7-3; Geditz, GETT, pin McIntosh, BHLA, 1:49; Kaul, BH, dec. Lovre, DEU, 9-2.

    145--Gnat, M/H, dec. Cotton, M/F, 5-4; J. Scofield, FLA, dec. Duerre, WEB, 5-2; Hartway, DEU, pin Limoges, EPJ, 0:29; Abbott, SB, pin Middlesworth, WIN, 3:26.

    152--Everett Stout, PHIL, maj. dec. Thomas, FAU, 12-4; Urban, MVPC, dec. Tolton, SC, 8-6 OT; J. Harkless, HS, dec. Serr, B/G, 5-2; Daum, KWLPG, dec. Erickson, BER, 5-1.

    160--L. Martin, MOB, dec. Summers, KC, 7-0; Wahlstrom, CUS, maj. dec. McPadden, GAR, 11-1; M. Semmler, PKST, dec. B. Potter, FAU, 5-3; Se. Ireland, BC, dec. Blumhardt, GRO, 7-2.

    170--McKee, KC, dec. Whirlwind Horse, BC, 5-4; McClurg, WEB, dec. Blasdell, M/H, 9-3; S. Johnson, MVPC, dec. Kalkman, FAU, 4-2; Erdemann, IPS, inj. default Van Vugt, MOB.

    182--Reiner, MCM, pin Kostal, MVPC, 4:38; Lopez, MOB, pin DeGroot, SV, 2:20; Meland, WEB, forfeit Eideen, TV; Dobesh, STM, pin Assman, WIN, 1:52.

    195--Haley, WIN, pin Ammons, PHIL, 2:30; Iversen, BER, dec. A. Semmler, PKST, 3-1; Spiry, MOB, pin Hillmer, M/H, 2:21; Seidler, CUS, dec. Larsen, KC, 5-4.

    220--Bankes, GAR, pin DeVries, PHIL, 1:39; Yost, RED, pin Rittel, M/H, 0:12; Forsling, EPJ, pin VanderMay, BC, 0:17; Heth, WAG, maj. dec. Duncan, GRO, 10-2.

    285--Davis, MOB, pin Boadwine, TV, 4:37; Eichmann, MCM, inj. default B. Peterson, LEM; Rous, BC, pin Gard, CAN, 1:23; Sorensen, BER, pin Klinnert, BH, 2:55.
  • Photo gallery from Class A quarterfinals coming soon.
  • Online Exclusive: Pierre out front at state
  • Class B State Wrestling: Newell's quartet provide challenge, camaraderie
  • Photo gallery is up from Friday's Class A quarterfinals. Please go to
  • Sorry for the delay, but I have a paper to put out also.

    Here's the last bit of Class B agate. Good night.

    Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City
    February 24, 2012


    106--L. Richie, WEB, dec. D. Stoebner, BH, 6-2; Aeschbacher, WIN, dec. Donnelly, PHIL, 6-2; Ja. Manning, M/H, maj. dec. Hawkins, GRO, 10-2; Eideen, TV, pin Evangelisto, WAR, 0:59.

    113--Howe, GAR, dec. N. Dion, WAG, 3-1; Jones, BHLA, pin Simunek, HS, 4:27; Thom, TV, dec. Schooler, HLC, 10-5; Hueser, EPJ, dec. Caba, BH, 8-2.

    120--Dvorak, PKST, dec. Grout, WEB, 3-1; Cole, CUS, dec. Carley, PHIL, 6-0; Weidenbach, M/H, dec. Krause, DEU, 7-0; Swanson, HLC, maj. dec. Sutton, FLA, 12-1.

    126--Sa. Ireland, BC, dec. T. Brown, DEU, 8-2; Reed, FLA, pin Fanning, PKST, 2:31; Lone, GRO, dec. DeSersa, HS, 7-1; Heninger, SC, dec. Pierret, GAR, 4-3.

    132--Moody, MVPC, .maj. dec. Scott, SC, 18-9; Le. Merrick, A/H, dec. B. Anderson, GRO, 9-4; J. Weisbrod, CWL, dec. Blasius, PHIL, 7-0; Waring, M/H, pin Everson, GETT, 1:57.

    138--Lacey, FLA, dec. Bely, KWLPG, 9-2; Soukup, WAG, maj. dec. R. Johnson, PHIL, 9-1; Vermeulen, MVPC, pin Geditz, GETT, 4:33; Kaul, BH, dec. McTaggart, NEW, 6-2.

    145--Gnat, M/H, dec. George, RED, 3-1 OT; J. Scofield, FLA, dec. Severyn, CUS, 9-4; Hartway, DEU, dec. McCann, NEW, 10-4; Hall, FAU, dec. Abbott, SB, 4-3.

    152--Schlotte, WEB, dec. Everett Stout, PHIL, 5-4; Redlin, DEU, maj. dec. Urban, MVPC, 18-4; J. Harkless, HS, pin J. Petersen, CAN, 3:40; Daum, KWLPG, dec. Kullnat, HOW, 2-1.

    160--K. Scofield, FLA, dec. L. Martin, MOB, 4-3; Casperson, BER, dec. Wahlstrom, CUS, 4-3; Sichmeller, WEB, maj. dec. M. Semmler, PKST, 12-1; Se. Ireland, BC, ; pin Vanecek, BH, 2:54.

    170--Jungwirth, HOW, dec. McKee, KC, 9-2; McClurg, WEB, dec. Eiesland, CUS, 7-1;
    C. Knutson, PHIL, pin S. Johnson, MVPC, 3:50; Lensing, WAG, pin Erdemann, IPS, 1:34.

    182--Mutchelknaus, M/F, pin Reiner, MCM, 4:45; Reiff, PKST, pin Lopez, MOB, 0:49; Broughton, CAN, pin Meland, WEB, 2:25; McCollam, BC, tech. fall Dobesh, STM, 16-1.

    195--Haley, WIN, dec. Geiman, SCO, 10-4; Gruis, TV, dec. Iversen, BER, 3-2; Monson, CWL, dec. Spiry, MOB, 3-2; Sjurson, WEB, pin Seidler, CUS, 3:51.

    220--Bankes, GAR, pin Oliver, LEM, 2:27; Yost, RED, pin Bertram, PKST, 0:30; T. Johnson, TV, dec. Forsling, EPJ, 7-6; Tuttle, WIN, pin Heth, WAG, 1:44.

    285--C. Schuelke, CWL, pin Davis, MOB, 0:26; Driscoll, WIN, dec. Eichmann, MCM, 3-1 OT; Friese, RED, dec. Rous, BC, 3-2 OT; Smith, LYM, pin Sorensen, BER, 4:19.

    TEAM--1. Wagner (WAG), 63; 2. Webster Area (WEB), 59; 3. Tri-Valley (TV), 55.5; 4. Winner (WIN), 50; 5. Canton (CAN), 48.5; 6. Parkston (PKST), 46.5; 7. Beresford (BER), 40; 8. Flandreau (FLA), 39; 9. Howard (HOW), 35.5; 10. Groton Area (GRO), 30; 11. Garretson (GAR), 27; 12. Philip Area (PHIL), 26; 13T. Clark/Willow Lake (CWL), 24; 13T. Stanley County (SC), 24; 15. Redfield/Doland (RED), 23; 16. Scotland (SCO), 22; 17T. Faulkton Area (FAU), 21; 17T. Bennett County (BC), 21; 19. Mobridge-Pollock (MOB), 20.5; 20. Harding County (HC), 20; 21T. Hot Springs (HS), 18; 21T. Miller/Highmore-Harrold (M/H), 18; 23T. Bon Homme (BH), 17; 23T. Deuel (DEU), 17; 23T. Marion/Freeman (M/F), 17; 26T. Elk Point-Jefferson (EPJ), 15; 26T. Britton-Hecla (BHLA), 15; 26T. Plankinton/Mt. Vernon/Corsica (MVPC), 15; 26T. McCook Central/Montrose (MCM), 15; 30T. Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes (KWLPG), 14; 30T. Newell (NEW), 14; 30T. Alcester-Hudson (A/H), 14; 33. Custer (CUS), 13; 34. Kingsbury County (KC), 12; 35. Hill City (HLC), 10; 36T. Burke/Gregory (B/G), 9; 36T. Aberdeen Roncalli (AR), 9; 38T. Warner/Northwestern (WAR), 6; 38T. Lyman (LYM), 6; 40T. Lemmon/McIntosh (LEM), 4; 40T. Gettysburg (GETT), 4; 42T. Ipswich/Leola (IPS), 3; 42T. Sully Buttes (SB), 3; 42T. St. Thomas More (STM), 3; 45T. Parker (PAR), 0; 45T. Sioux Valley (SV), 0.
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