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STRMTPR = Storm Trooper

4 hours ago(0)

Required reading: Ross on EB-5 meeting at Capitol

Every newspaper reader and broadcast listener or viewer in South Dakota deserves the kind of journalism that reporter Denise Ross delivered to…

4 hours ago(0)

Plans for McDonald's on East Stumer Road canceled

Plans to build a McDonald's along East Stumer Road have apparently been canceled, according to Brad Solon with¬†Rapid City Community Planning a…

20 hours ago(0)

Hunting and job creation

Interesting argument posed by The Daily Republic on why it's important to make sure some land in South Dakota is preserved for pheasants.

21 hours ago(1)

Breezy and warm

Temperatures will be above average today with highs in the lower 80's due to an upper level ridge that hovers over the Western South Dakota re…

22 hours ago(0)